ShaktiSamuhaShakti Samuha (Power Group) was established in 1996 as a mark of unity and strength by Nepalese girls and women who have survived trafficking and other forms of violence committed against women. Shakti Samuha was officially registered as an organisation in 2000 and has since become a powerful and well-respected organisation in Nepal and among international women’s networks as the first organisation of trafficking survivors in the world. Shakti Samuha is working with the vision of women and children survivors of trafficking to live a dignified life in society through economic and social empowerment. Shakti Samuha’s objectives are: to unite and empower those affected by trafficking; to analyse trafficking from the perspective of women's rights and operate an issue-wide movement; to provide services to those affected by trafficking and other types of violence; to change the perspective of society towards victims of trafficking and to spread public awareness; to unite all trafficking survivors and work for their fundamental human rights. Shakti Samuha fulfils its objectives through: the creation and mobilisation of adolescent girls’ groups; awareness-raising programmes in carpet factories, urban slum settlements and high schools; empowering survivors of trafficking through skill-building courses, income-generating programmes, counselling and peer support; advocacy and lobbying activities, such as street theatre, video advocacy, and participation in national and international advocacy activities; and networking with activists and service providers and producing publications.

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Address: Chawahil (Hospital Marg, House no. 203-behind Medicare Hospital), Kathmahdu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4478117
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