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Co-ordination Centre Human Trafficking (CoMensha) - LA STRADA NETHERLANDS

ComenshaHV2013The Dutch Foundation against Trafficking in Women (STV) was established in 1987. In 2007 it changed its name to Co-ordination Centre Human Trafficking (CoMensha), to better reflect its work with female as well as male victims of exploitative working conditions. CoMensha functions as a national reporting and registration point for trafficked persons (the organisation reports to the Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings, who uses this data for annual reports and recommendations to the Dutch Council of Ministers).

In the area of direct assistance, CoMensha maintains regional networks established to support the shelter and (social) support for trafficked persons. The network consists of shelters, lawyers, social workers and welfare groups, (mental) health organisations, police, youth care, (refugee) support groups, victim support and local governmental community organisations. CoMensha also co-ordinates reintegration and return programmes for trafficked persons with different organisations. The organisation is very active in the areas of awareness raising and provision of information on human trafficking through its participation in seminars and conferences. CoMensha supports policy development in the field of prostitution and trafficking in human beings by offering advice to the government - on request and by its own initiative - on the basis of the information collected, the signals, problems and shortcomings and based on experiences gained through monitoring national and international developments in practice.

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