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LS_CzechLa Strada Czech Republic (La Strada Ceska Republika o.p.s.) has been registered as an independent non-governmental organisation since 1998. La Strada Czech Republic is one of the founding members of La Strada and began its work in 1995.

La Strada Czech Republic has developed a multi-disciplinary approach programme to fight against human trafficking, which consists of 3 campaigns:

  • Information & Lobby
  • Prevention & Education
  • Social Assistance

It is a bottom-up program in which direct contact with trafficked persons provides invaluable experience, skills and information applicable in prevention and lobby work. Trafficked persons are not only informed of the risks of trafficking through Prevention & Education Campaign, but they are also supported to recover from traumatic experience and build up a new life through the Social Assistance Campaign. Finally, the Information & Lobby Campaign advocates for their reintegration into society as well as the acknowledgement that trafficking in persons is a severe violation of human rights and a serious criminal offence that has to be adequately addressed. All the activities of the organisation stem from several basic principles: respect for human rights, equal opportunities, non-discriminatory approach, empowerment and protection of interests in trafficked persons.


Contact Details
Address: P.O.BOX 305, 111 21 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Tel: +420-222-721810
Fax: +420-222-721810
Hot Line: 00420 222 71 71 71
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.