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KOK Logo2014The German NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings– KOK e.V. was founded in 1999 and advocates for the rights of trafficked persons and female migrants facing violence. Currently, the KOK network consists of 37 member organisations across Germany, comprising a broad variety of different groups, including faith-based organisations and sex workers' rights groups. One of the main goals pursued by KOK and its member organisations is to improve the living conditions of trafficked persons and to help them assert their rights.

KOK brings together most specialised counselling centres in Germany working with victims of trafficking in human beings as well as other organisations addressing this issue. KOK’s work takes an intersectional approach, i.e. with the knowledge that there are many different forms of discrimination that may occur and reinforce each other. KOK’s work focuses on representing women’s, and, in particular, female migrants’, interests. Thanks to their experience, KOK offers expertise to all groups of trafficked persons.

KOK coordinates the efforts of its member organisations and other stakeholders involved in the issue of human trafficking. It transforms the experiences gained in grassroots counselling centres into political strategies. KOK informs policy makers, scientists, civil society and governmental and intergovernmental stakeholders on the complexity of anti-trafficking policies, and guarantees knowledge sharing across different levels. Some of KOK’s core activities are political advocacy, work in relevant committees and public relations.

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Address: Kurfürstenstr. 33, 10785 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49  30 263 911 76 
Fax: +49 30 263 911 86
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.