Reflexiones de mujeres inmigrantes que han sufrido la Trata de personas

(Reflections of immigrant women who suffered human trafficking)

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Grupo de Mujeres Inmigantes de Sant Cugat 

Language: Spanish
About the Issue Paper

When reflecting about trafficking, trafficked women analysis goes beyond their traumatic experiences to their strategies to cope, face and overcome trafficking. They are able to reflect and shed light on what does not work in the assistance methodologies and about their assigned role as passive victims. 

In this issue paper, the author presents the thoughts and experiences of trafficked women who participated in a Feminist Participatory Action Research she coordinated between 2007 and 2010. The research took place in the Philippines, the United States, Colombia and Spain and involved women from 13 countries who had been trafficked for prostitution, organ harvesting, forced marriage, begging, domestic exploitation, labor exploitation and slavery-like practices.

Through this issue paper trafficked women reflect about their role as victims, and about concepts such as agency vulnerability, resilience and coping strategies, and their evolving identities beyond their trafficking experience.

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