IN HER WORDS: Exposing obstacles to the effective implementation of rights and protection policies for human trafficking survivors in Spain

Author: Jennifer Pro

Proyecto Esperanza

Language: English
About the Issue Paper

Due to factors such as its proximity to Africa, Spain has become a major gateway for African migrants seeking opportunities in Europe, and for this reason has become an entry point for human trafficking rings. Migrants’ journey to the European continent may take years for those who survive it, but for those suffering from human trafficking, their arrival is just the beginning of an inhumane journey of exploitation. In many cases, as this human rights violation culminates in their escape and the reclamation of their lives, human trafficking survivors are faced with great barriers to exercise their legal rights.

Spain has made significant improvements to its anti-trafficking legal framework with the incorporation of adequate legislative measures. However, in practice the legal protection system in many ways still lacks effective policy implementation and a more human rights approach.  

The issue paper forms part of ongoing research using in-depth personal interviews to explore survivors’ recovery and integration process, access to legal rights, and their perspective on the response of the Spanish authorities.
The paper evaluates the effectiveness of the legislation aimed to protect and assist those who have suffered from human trafficking. Through case studies and the voices of the survivors, readers witness the alarming difficulties in the effective implementation of protection policy, as well as the consequences this has on the real lives of survivors.

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