The dearth of research and the scarcity of recorded primary knowledge is being increasingly recognised and lamented in the field of anti-trafficking. The GAATW International Secretariat (IS) has sought to make a small but we hope significant contribution to filling this lacuna by looking to the experience and knowledge of our member organisations and others working around the world to combat trafficking. We have divided this inquiry into the three fields so commonly discussed in anti-trafficking work: protection, prosecution and prevention. In doing so, we are recognising that trafficking is a global problem and that many of the challenges we face and the strategies we use to overcome these can, in many instances, be shared and used as a source of inspiration for each other. As part of this endeavour, detailed work has been carried out in exploring country-specific information, compiling personal experiences and facilitating international consultations among like-minded colleagues.

This document, merging the findings of three consultations, reflects the culmination of these multi-country, multi-disciplinary collaborations undertaken from 2005-2006.