This report summarises the findings of the consultation on Prosecution, which was the second GAATW Global Consultation held in Bangkok in June 2006. The Prosecution of Traffickers and Access to Justice for Trafficked Persons questionnaire [Annex 2] was distributed to member organisations working to help trafficked persons take their cases through the justice system. Twenty-six organisations responded from six continents. A list of respondents is also annexed to this report.

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From 26-30 November 2005, a consultation meeting on Social Assistance was held in Bangkok. It involved representatives of GAATW-IS, member and sister organisations who met to share, consult, and collaborate on strategies for providing assistance to trafficked persons. 

Members were invited to submit a detailed report of the situation in their countries, based on a questionnaire, as well as complete a brief presentation at the onset of the consultation. The lively and respectful discussions that ensued were testament to the richness of the input, and the commitment of the practitioners who attended the consultation.

This report compiles information provided and discussed during the consultation. It is by no means definitive, but will necessarily adapt to additional experiences and lessons learned. It aims to build upon work done in the past decade (see section on Context & History) by GAATW and member organisations. We hope that new ideas will be stimulated resulting in practical benefits and contact between service providers will increase. GAATW recognises the value of information gained from direct assistance; therefore the consultation process was designed to document what is being done, the challenges faced, and what needs to be done to enhance providing assistance to trafficked persons. We hope that this report captures part of the spirit of the consultation and provides a useful record to all of you.

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This is a report of the North American Regional Consultative Forum on Trafficking in Women. Organised by GAATW, Canada the forum brought together women from across North America and around the world. Focusing primarily on the conceptual level, the consultation took on board topics such as defining trafficking, understanding sex work, domestic labour and the marriage market as they are manifest in today's global economy.



GAATW was part of a multi-country pilot study by Bridget Anderson and Julia O' Connell Davidson. This paper reports some of the findings on the demand side of two sectors in which it is known that the labour/services of trafficked persons are sometimes exploited: prostitution and domestic work.

The research design was set out to explore the “demand-side of trafficking” into sex and domestic work. The study involved semi-structured interviews with employers of domestic worker and clients of sex workers.

Part One: Trafficking: A Demand Led Problem? By Julia O’Connell Davidson and Bridget Anderson

Part Two: The Demand Side of Trafficking, A Multi Country Study

This report provides a summation of the panel presentations and the discussions of Partners in Change, a three-day conference in November 2002, organised by GAATW. The report tries to retain the voices of women, as they narrate their experiences of migration, trafficking, and rebuilding lives.