GAATW works in a three-year programme cycle. Developing the Alliance’s strategic direction for the following three years is done in consultation with Member Organisations, and other individuals, networks, and organisations that work in partnership with GAATW. This consultation happens primarily at the triennial International Members Congress and Conference (IMCC). Strategic discussions also happen at regional or thematic consultations held during the multi-year programme.

In the past two planning cycles (2005-2007 and 2008-2010), GAATW adopted a two-pronged, approach involving (1) critical engagement with the anti-trafficking framework and (2) linking trafficking with gender, migration, and labour frameworks. This approach was not new for GAATW, which since its inception, had understood trafficking experiences as gendered and occurring in a broader context of migration and work and thought it critical to engage with the anti-trafficking framework. However, by separating gender, labour and migration and analysing their intersections with trafficking we were able to better engage with related movements and understand lines of overlap and tension.




In 2015 GAATW-IS receives its main financial support from the Global Fund for Women, Women's World Day of Prayer, Dan Church Aid, ILO Department for International Development, Bread of the World, the Swiss Development Agency Cooperation and Caritas France

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