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Interns at GAATW International Secretariat

GAATW Intern Programme

GAATW strives to maintain the international nature of its work through opportunities for students from different countries and regions. GAATW is committed to work for changes in the political, economic, social and legal systems and structures that contribute to the persistence of trafficking in persons and other human rights violations in the context of migratory movements for diverse purposes, including security of labour and livelihood. GAATW supports the sharing of knowledge, working experiences and working methodologies amongst its members and allies, in order to enhance the efficiency of collective anti-trafficking activities.

The GAATW-IS receives a large number of enquiries and expressions of interest from people wanting to volunteer or take up an internship programme.


GAATW-IS offers internships as a possibility to learn and gain practical experience for students or recent graduates. An internship can complement academic experience by linking theory and practice in one of our areas of work communications, documentation, research and advocacy.

To support this approach, interns need to have a clear research and documentation project to work on in addition to the work assigned to them by the supervising staff member. The project can be initiated by the intern or it can be developed in consultation with the International Coordinator of GAATW. In any case, the project will need to be in line with GAATW's strategic goals and current programme priorities.

GAATW-IS considers internships as an agreement of mutual interest: GAATW-IS gains support to its ongoing work through the intern’s assistance and the intern gains experience working in the field and developing their own project.

Also in support of this ideal, GAATW-IS strongly encourages interns to seek academic credit, external scholarship or funding opportunities for their internships. Structured supervision can be arranged for the intern in line with her/his university’s requirement and GAATW’s personnel policies, and support with applications for funding can be offered. GAATW-IS currently does not have the resources to provide a stipend or salary to interns.

Interested persons are requested to apply in response to a posted call for internships on this website. Position announcements will include more information on what should be included in the application.

Interested persons may apply on their own initiative by emailing a letter of interest and a resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; such applications will be kept on file until a new announcement is posted, but we do not guarantee that such applications will be considered for future openings.

GAATW-IS receives a lot of internship applications, but is only able to offer 1-2 internships per year. 


Other opportunities: Intern with GAATW Members

We have been receiving applications from graduate students who would like to do hands-on work for organisations providing direct support services. As the International Secretariat of an Alliance, we take the initiative to referring some applications to our Thailand-based members or other member organisations who have the capacity to take in interns.


What do previous interns say about the Programme?

As an intern for GAATW-IS, I worked on an exciting project that aims to increase access to justice for South Asian migrant workers in the Middle East. This contributed to my understanding of the international legal framework that governs the rights of workers, as well as the obligations state parties have to combat human trafficking under the UN Trafficking Protocol. The staff at GAATW is truly supportive and a wonderful team to work with.
Katya Richardson, Juris Doctor Candidate, Western University
May-August 2015

I received valuable knowledge not just from individual projects but from previously produced materials from GAATW. Every member of GAATW-IS welcomed me into their team very warmly. They explained their expectations of my participation very clearly while also providing as much freedom and time as I needed for my own fieldwork. They provided me with my own desk and every tool I needed to conduct my internship and my own research. They made me feel very involved in their progressive work.
Mark Kim, York University 
May-August 2014

As a research intern with GAATW-IS I was trusted with the making of a GAATW Working Paper relating to the theme: Borders between trafficking and migration. The process involved field research in the Philippines, review of relevant literature and interviews via social media. The internship resulted in a working paper “Au Pair – Challenges to Safe Migration and Decent Work”, which can be downloaded from GAATW’s web-page.Being a research intern with GAATW requires being able to work independently with limited supervision and guidance and being very clear on one’s own wishes and expectations to the internship program. To such a person I can warmly recommend the internship position with GAATW. 
Agnete Kjaer 
June-August 2013


Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for GAATW’s Internship Programme:

  • All prospective interns are requested to visit the GAATW website and read the relevant information such as the Basic PrinciplesMission Statement, and our current strategic priorities.
  • Applications are received and reviewed according to internship programme announcements. Please check the call for applications for deadlines and requirements before applying.
  • If there is not an open call for applications, interested persons can send us a letter of motivation, resume and a short writing sample (1-3 pages) to be placed on file.
  • For all applications, GAATW-IS asks for a clear and concise application to help us make a decision and expedite the process. We encourage you to share with us your main motivation behind wanting to pursue an internship programme with GAATW-IS, specify the skills and experience which you have that might be useful for our work and tell us the timeframe which is suitable for you.
  • Send your application to GAATW-IS at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that interns are personally responsible for obtaining their visa at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in the country of their nationality/residence. Visa matters are handled solely by the Thai Government through their representations abroad. Usually, prospective interns are granted non-immigrant O visa for 3 or 6 months.

What will I learn and take away from this experience?

The aim of our internship programme is to offer learning experience through exposure to the GAATW programme work. You will work together with a multi-cultural team, gain knowledge and skills in supporting the actual and daily work of GAATW-IS and have the possibility to share and discuss your creative ideas, academic thinking and research experience with the GAATW-IS.

How long is the Internship?

The minimum period of internship is 3 months and the maximum is 6 months.

Is the internship paid?

GAATW does not remunerate interns in any way. All costs related to an intern's participation in the programme must be borne by the applicant who will have to make his/her own arrangements for travel, visas, accommodation, etc. We encourage prospective interns to apply for student grants beforehand and are happy to assist with such applications. We also encourage interns to seek academic credit for internships.

However, if there are costs incurred by an intern/volunteer in as part of his/her function at the International Secretariat, s/he shall be reimbursed by the GAATW Finance Officer under the same rules as costs reimbursed to full-time staff members.

[1] GAATW-IS asks for volunteers only in cases of specific occasions, such as big events. Calls might be released on these occasions. Apart from this we are not able to respond to applications.